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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Answers to the Test Practice Questions

[I went through the questions in class with the children, so I let this post with the answers slide. Sorry about that.]


(1) I'm sorry these are late. I was working on a very difficult math problem for a program I have been working on.

(a) running up (b) looking down
(c) walking over (d) working on

(2) Summer break has begun. How were your last days at school?

(a) slowest days (b) last days
(c) fastest moments (d) last thoughts

(3) Getting ready for a trip is always difficult. Did you help your mother pack up your things to take with you?

(a) pack up (b) put down
(c) sit on (d) set up

(4) It's a long trip. Will you go by train, airplane, bus, or car?

(a) stop by (b) travel through
(c) go by (d) ride beside

More examples:

Mother scolded me for running up the stairs. But running down is more dangerous.

When I looked up at the apartment, I saw Sally looking down at me from the fourth floor.

Coach told me that walking over from school to karate practice is healthier than having Mom drive me over.

I think the days before Christmas are the slowest days of the year. Mom thinks they are the fastest days.

At the finish line are the fastest moments of the race. The seconds before the starting gun are the slowest moments.

After my presentation at school, the teacher asked me if I had any last thoughts about the project. I told everyone that my first thoughts about the project were that I didn't want to do it. But it was fun, after all.

It's hard to put down a good comic book. But we should put it away before we go to bed. Books should be put up on the shelf and toys should go in the toy box.

I like to sit on the saddle of my bicycle when I'm coasting, but I often have to stand up on the peddles when I'm going up a hill.

We set up a portable picnic table before we sat down to lunch. After we finished lunch, we took the table down again and put it away.

[Bonus examples for set up:]
Can you show me how to set up this math problem? I think I can work it out by myself, but setting it up is hard.

When you glue a broken doll back together, you should let the cement set up before you try to move it. Otherwise the bond won't take, and the doll will just fall apart again.

Dad asked Mom to stop by the bookstore and pick him up a book on Japanese grammar. She said she had to go past the bookstore anyway, so she would.

When you go over the mountains north of Kobe, you have to travel through some tunnels whether you go by train or by car.

Colin rode beside his mom and Sally rode beside her dad when they rode on the plane.

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