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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Changing Planes in El Paso

Still July 23rd!

I didn't get my nap.
Colin made me wander around the LA terminal with him and Dad.
Mom watched the luggage.
Then we got in another airplane.
Now we are in the El Paso air terminal.

Dad's looking for a good tamales stand.
He says airport food isn't real food,
but he'll try to find something close.
Mom says she wants to see Juarez.
It's noon here, but it's two in the morning in Kobe.

[Grammar and vocabulary notes -- 文法及び単語の解釈

  • El Paso == テキサス州の、メキシコとの境界線にある大都市
  • nap == 昼寝・朝寝など、一眠り
  • make 誰か do 何か == 何かをやらさせる
  • wander == さまよう、うろうろする、歩き回る
  • LA == ロス・アンジェレス市 (Los Angeles)
  • [air] terminal == 空港タミナルビル(飛行機を待つ場所)
  • luggage == 荷物
  • get in == 乗る、中へ乗り込む
  • look for == 探す
  • tamales == トウモロコシの生地にチリビーンズを埋めたみたいな、南アメリカのおいしいお料理
  • stand == 屋台(やたい)、小さいお店
  • Juarez == El Paso の向かい側にあるメキシコの大都市
  • noon == 真昼、正午

(added 2013.11.18)]

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