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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Japanese Calligraphy

July 16th (Tuesday)

We practiced Japanese Calligraphy today at school.
Western calligraphy uses a pen with a flat tip.
In Japanese calligraphy, you use a brush, instead.
So the flourishes are different.
I wrote the word, 「必要」, or "hitsu-you".
It means, "necessary".
I think I drew the characters very well!
-- Sally

Japanese calligraphy is called, "sho-dou", 「書道」.
The brush is called, "fude", 「筆」.
There are three kinds of flourishes, tome, harai, and hane.
These are different ways to change or end a stroke.I drew the character, 「麦」.

It's pronounced "mugi", and it means, "wheat".
The flourishes were very difficult, so I was tired.

-- Colin

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