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Colin and Sally are my imaginary friends, telling us about their daily lives in the real world.

Age? I think they said they are in the 5th grade, but it might be the 4th or 6th. They are twins.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

karate and math

17 July (Wednesday)

At karate practice today, I bought a new ankle brace.
My old one was worn out and falling apart.
The new one fits my foot perfectly.
My foot is much happier, now.
-- Colin

We had our last math test before summer in second period today.
It was too easy, so I was bored.
But I wasn't careful, so I missed a problem.
I was sad.
-- Sally

[Grammar and vocabulary notes -- 文法及び単語の解釈

  • wear == 着古すから引いて、擦り切る(すりきる)、傷む(いたむ)
(added 2013.10.26)]

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