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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sleepy in the Morning in Los Angeles

23rd July

The airport clocks say it's 6:14 Tuesday morning.
The pilot said we had a tailwind and made good time.
We went back in time.
We're waiting to go through customs.

I'm sleepy.
I watched too many movies on the plane.
Colin says we went back in time.
But good tail winds don't make us faster than light.
Who cares? I'm going to take a nap.

[Grammar and vocabulary notes -- 文法及び単語の解釈
  • airport == 空港
  • pilot == 操縦士(そうじゅうし)、船や飛行機の運転手
  • tailwind == 追い風
  • make good time == 調子よく進む、早く進む
  • go back in time == 時間をさかのぼる
  • customs = 税関(ぜいかん)(荷物を検査して、税金などを決めるところ)
  • faster than light == 光よりも早く、時間をさかのぼるといわれる速度
  • Who cares? == だれが(そんなことに)気がかかる?、気にするもんか?
(added 2013.11.18]

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