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Colin and Sally are my imaginary friends, telling us about their daily lives in the real world.

Age? I think they said they are in the 5th grade, but it might be the 4th or 6th. They are twins.

Because of new bureaucratic red tape from the US government, Google can't let me make accounts for them. So they'll be posting from my account.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

19 July, Friday

Today was the last day of school before summer.
We played tag in second period.
I was never it, so I didn't get to chase anyone.
But it was fun.
School's out for summer!
-- Sally

My friends and I played Police and Thief.
It's another kind of tag.
We had fun.
In fourth period, the teachers and principal told us to be careful during summer.
Then we came home.
-- Colin

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