My imaginary friends.

Colin and Sally are my imaginary friends, telling us about their daily lives in the real world.

Age? I think they said they are in the 5th grade, but it might be the 4th or 6th. They are twins.

Because of new bureaucratic red tape from the US government, Google can't let me make accounts for them. So they'll be posting from my account.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Tuesday Evening, July 30th

Well, we said Goodbye to Grandma Michiko and Grandpa Joe this morning.
Then it was about two hours in the air.
Then we said hello to Grandpa Bill and Aunt Harriet at the Salt Lake City Airport.
Now we are in Utah.
We said hello to Grandma June when we got home.
-- Colin

Grandma June was baking bread.
That's why she couldn't meet us at the airport.
The house smelled like fresh bread when we got here.
We ate homemade bread and jam while we talked.
-- Sally

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