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Age? I think they said they are in the 5th grade, but it might be the 4th or 6th. They are twins.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Walking (and Swimming) in an Area

Thursday, July 25th, evening.

Grandpa Joe and Grandma Michiko took us for a walk to the park where we went yesterday.. (S.)

Mom and Dad had to go downtown for some business. (C.)

We walked around the park (S.)

It took us about a half hour. We were not walking fast. (C.)

And Grandpa stopped us and told us about area. (S.)

He said the park is about 540 meters long and 450 meters wide. (C)

Then he said that the park was about a quarter of a square kilometer. (C)

Grandma complained that she didn't want to talk about math. (S.)

But Grandpa explained anyway: 450 times 540 is 243,000 square meters. (S)

A square kilometer is a million square meters. (C)

Then we went swimming. (S)

Grandpa Joe explained the math when we got home. (C)
Colin and Sally

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